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Blogger Template : Natal

Thursday, December 9, 2010

 NATAL_COMBO Christmas is coming soon. To celebrate Christmas, I make these beautiful templates for you all.

I made 2 version of Christmas or Natal templates. And you can download both of them, I named the file NATAL.rar which is consist of 2 files, one for NATAL 1 template and the other one is for NATAL 2 template.

“Merry Christmas to you all!” I hope Christmas will bring peace, joy and happiness to the world.


Type : Blogspot template  XML
Name : Natal 1
Designer : Free Tips 4U 
Added : 09 Dec. 2010 
Properties : 3 columns, fixed width, white, red, blue, green 
Feature :  -

Demo : Click Here! 
Download: NATAL.rar 


Type : Blogspot template  XML
Name : Natal 2
Designer : Free Tips 4U 
Added : 09 Dec. 2010 
Properties : 3 columns, fixed width, black, red 
Feature :  -

Demo : Click Here! 
Download: NATAL.rar 

You may download and use my template freely as long as you agree to the Term of Use


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